Erika Mailman/Lynn Carthage

mg_9185ab-copy.jpgErika’s historical fiction has spanned from medieval Germany’s witchcraft period, to Gold Rush San Francisco and suffrage-era Oakland, to her most recent novel The Murderer’s Maid: a Lizzie Borden Novel. This book looks at the iconic true-crime case from the point of view of the Irish maid whose testimony was discounted because of her immigrant status. Erika’s work has received praise from Khaled Hosseini, Diana Gabaldon, Kathleen Kent and reviewers such as Elle, Marie-Claire, Booklist, Kirkus and the New York Journal of Books.

Lynn Carthage is the author of a neo-Gothic trilogy with Kensington Books that touches on family relationships and history, as well as ghosts. She has been a Bram Stoker award finalist, a Yaddo fellow and is an English adjunct through the Los Rios Community College District. She enjoys making school, library and conference presentations.