How to Pitch and Write Articles

Annie Crawford

Do you dream of writing articles for print or online publications? This workshop will provide you the resources to get started. We’ll talk about what a pitch is, different types of pitches, what to include in a pitch to an editor, plus important details like pitch email subject lines. You’ll brainstorm topics for articles you want to write, and then we’ll discuss how to narrow in on your target publications. We’ll talk about hooks and why you, as the writer, should be the one to tell the story. Then, you’ll come up with some hooks for the topics you brainstormed. Next, you’ll learn how to find places to pitch stories and we’ll look at successful pitches that have landed articles. You’ll write a pitch during the workshop, following a simple structure of lead, body, and closing, that will become the recipe for the article you write once your pitch is accepted by a publication. Perseverance is the key to success in pitching and freelance writing, so this workshop will also talk about courage.