Check back in the spring for the complete schedule for WordSpring 2019 on Saturday, April 27!


Conference format:

Your WordSpring morning will begin with a light breakfast selection and coffee, followed by a warm welcome and an inspirational writing exercise to get you motivated for a full and exciting day of workshops.

For each workshop set, choose a topic in your area of interest from the selections available in the three tracks that WordSpring hosts: Poetry, Fiction, and Cross-Genre.

Following the first rounds of workshops, enjoy the day’s buffet lunch to refuel for the afternoon session. Use this great socializing and networking opportunity to reflect on what you learned while enjoying the company of other local writers, as well as our workshop leaders.

If you missed your chance during the between-workshop breaks, be sure to check out our book sale table and purchase your favorite presenters’ work.

And don’t forget to attend your chosen afternoon workshop, and after that, be sure to join your fellow attendees in the main room for our closing and contest awards.

We look forward to seeing you at WordSpring 2019!